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Conjunction08 kicks off on 7th November

Exciting times ahead for Visual Arts in Stoke-on-Trent:


Creative Republic Launch in Coventry and Warwickshire: 28th Oct

“Creative Republic has a remit to reflect the views and aspirations of the creative industries throughout the West Midlands region. At present, the membership and activities have to an extent concentrated on the Birmingham area. But all that is about to change! In a series of initiatives spread throughout the West Midlands, Creative Republic seeks to extend its membership, scope and reach.

Coventry and Warwickshire is a hot-bed of creative talent – with notable strengths in gaming, performing arts and media – we want to provide a forum for creatives in Coventry and Warwickshire to meet, find out about one another and discuss issues that might affect your businesses.”

Helga asked that I talked to her about the launch when I was next in last week and when I spoke to her she asked I put together a short and snappy presentation for the launch! So I did, and I thought I would share it with you too, here is my private link on scribd.

To sign the charter just click here!

I hope it went well and as always I would like to find out your thoughts…

Creative City Awards

Helga is back from her Clore fortnight and holiday in America, it has been around five weeks since we were both in the office at the same time!

Last time at the office Simon and I discussed the possibility of helping Kevin with the North East project on one of my Fierce days and that he was going to run it past Helga. This seems to be going ahead which is great news. “The North East Project” as I keep referring is a NEW Live Art and Performance festival (biennial) which will launch in 2009 in the North East.

Ilana Mitchell is the project manager in the North East and stakeholders, venue partners etc are all seemingly in place (from what I know). There is already a proposed programme and audience development strategy in place, consultation over the name of the company/festival have all been executed and from what I can tell…successfully. So I am thrilled and excited about being a little more involved with the project as Live Art is my personal interest. Kevin gave me a little bit of reading to do surrounding the project, which I managed to shoehorn in on my train journeys.

Anyway, my main focus for this week was the nomination forms for the Birmingham Creative City Awards 2008. Putting together the information to be included as support documents: background information, press cuttings, figures, feedback received, etc. All for the Deadline of the 24th October. (That Friday)

I managed to pull all the information together and answer the questions requested by Friday afternoon giving Helga and Mark the opportunity to edit and send on to Birmingham City Council. Fierce Earth has applied for two awards: Creative Industries Award and Outstanding Market Development Award for My Fierce Festival (WIKIFEST) on the ground-breaking concept, where the public could “curate your own festival”; the received international and national press the visitor stats and votes cast were massive for an online project such as this. There marketing strategy was highly focused on there target audience, focusing on social media and viral marketing through blogs etc, and was highly effective. Visitors to the site were from 82 countries, casting something in the region of 21,000 votes (I am trying to remember these from memory so please take this into consideration). Here are a couple of sources to take a look at:

The Guardian
Radio 4, Today Programme
• My Fierce Festival Performances on YouTube:

Created in Birmingham
“Play Me, I’m Yours” by Luke Jerram

The next step is short-listing and presentations and the event takes place on the 29th November and we’ll be going along, so fingers crossed!

‘Crave: Carve’, Exhibition at ArtWaves

ArtWaves are holding an exhibition of Jane Goetzee and Vicki Cook. Both artists focus on the ambivalence around presentation of mental distress. Vicki’s work presents the tension between the revelation and concealment of coping mechanisms, in this case self-harm, using wax casts and illustration. Jane uses sound, cartooning and installation to present contradictions around displaying introversion, and processes of mediating alienation. Underlying both is the sense of a trace of comfort in pain.

It runs from 17th – 24th Oct…still a few says left!

warning:- some material in this exhibition may be distressing.

Back in the Saddle

Following my holiday I was back in the Fierce Offices on Thursday and Friday last week, Helga is on holiday until 20th, Kevin was away and Simon was ill.

Before I went in Helga had sent me ideas for the Fierce Earth blogFierce Encounters at the Biennial.

I am also planning and researching more seriously for my upcoming assignments. I have been researching business modelling theories and methodologies and then trying to apply these to what I know about Fierce. I found a couple of online business links:

I do have more stuff and I promise to list it all when I have finished in a resources section…

Once completed the blog, I began to make sure I had all the documents possible for Fierce Earth and Fierce! Festival ready for my evaluation of there business and my experiences within it.

I also looked at what I may need to complete my evaluation of the company. One idea I had is to develop a questionnaire for present employees and past and present clients of Fierce to get a picture of how others view Fierce.

I’d began my presentation a while back when assessment was a distant thought but I needed to plan some content. This is how far I got:

1. Cover
2. Aims
3. Rationale
4. Fierce Background
5. Fierce Earth Ltd: Mission Statement
6. FE: Company Structure
7. FE: Products and Services: Events and Project Management; Training and Development; Consultancy.
8. Some Consultancy Clients
9. General Customers and Clients
10. Fierce! Festival Ltd: Mission Statement
11. F!F Projects
12. F!F Funders
13. My Placement Experience: Events; Content; Networking.
14. Outcomes
15. FE: SWOT
16. Recommendations
17. Thankyou – Questions

Does anyone have any suggestions on anything else I would need to add, this is a draft plan…any suggested business models or examples of industry best practice? Just let me know below…

The presentation is to be no longer than 30 minutes and comprises 20% of my mark.

20% is on oral examination
50% 7,500 word report

These will all be submitted at the same time.

I now need to identify other examples of best practice, management methodologies that I can apply to Fierce, and feedback from my peers.

The great news is that I will be staying on for my next module with Fierce which is Production.