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Vote Helga Brummie of the Year!


You all know I am on placement with Fierce at the moment…and the lovely, inspirational and passionate Helga has been nominated as Brummie of the Year on Birmingham: It’s Not Shit.

Please show your support and VOTE HELGA!!!

You’ve got until the 3rd!


Trip to Chester

On Tuesday 18th I took a trip to Chester to meet with my tutor, Kate. My meeting was at 11.30 and was really for a catch up, to run over what information I had for my upcoming presentation and report.

General points were that with my presentation she said that all sources should be referenced as you would do within your report.

Key points were that the presentation should be a reflection about what I have learned about myself. What did I know when I started, how changed in between and how I feel now. To discuss skills I have acquired and what would like to learn more of. I need to also consider where I want to go?…BIG QUESTIONS!

In terms of the report, I should consider who the audience is? Who am I writing this for? My answer was her…but she said consider that it is for good 3rd year graduates.

In terms of referencing for the report she explained how many of the other MA students had re-visited the ‘Project Management and Self-Management’ module reading such as Berkun‘The Art of Project Management’. Organisational theorists such as Gareth Morgan and the book by Chris Bilton, plus appropriate journals: the International Journal of Arts Management, The Work Foundation and the Warwick Centre for Cultural Policy Studies website.

In terms of the content, looking at my report plan she said the information detailed in the beginning should be short, to the point and in bullet points. The first place I should start is the placement and given tasks – about my experience and giving recommendations for my personal development.

Blogging for Conjunction 08

Following my visit to AirSpace on Friday I noticed that their blog section was looking a bit bare and it fits with my other commitments that I should blog for Conjunction08. I have made two postings this week: ‘Littlewhitehead and the Good Samaritans’ and ‘Artist Talk: Alex Frost’.

I’ll be going along to the Panel Discussion on Saturday 22nd November, 12pm till 4pm with invited artists and curators talking about the theme of FANTASTIC, FOUND and FAKE! All are welcome and it should be interesting and I might see you there!

I’m really interested to know what you think so please comment…and any thing you’d like to see more of let me know!

Conjunction08 creating Controversy!

On Friday I made my first trip to Hanley to see the exhibitions as part of the Conjunction biennial – Fantastic, Found & Fake.

Conjunction Image

The Biennial first started in 2006 and is the first Contemporary Art Biennial in Stoke-on-Trent funded by Arts Council England through the Big Lottery Fund, North Staffordshire Regeneration Partnership and Business Link.

The Biennial involves the below venues:

AirSpace Gallery
The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery
Bethesda Chapel
Area 23 (A shop within the Cultural Quarter sponsored by BJB Commercial)
Staffordshire University
Victoria Hall
The BT Building
And Let Them Create Gallery.

It involves over 30 artists and has 25 new commissions. Artists are:

Alex Frost, Chris Biddlecombe, D*Face – Selina Yuk Tsang Pan, Eagle & Feather, Gayle Chong Kwan, Hondartza Fraga, Jan Dunning, Jessica Lloyd Jones, Johanna Laitanen, Jonathan Callan, Kate Lynch, Littlewhitehead, Louise Fago Ruskin, Michael Coombs, Michael Shaw, Nisha Duggal, NSEC, Pascale Canning, Paul Vivian, Paula Moss, Pete Smith, Rich White, Rinat Kotler, Ronnie Heeps, Stephanie Davidson and Georg Rafailidis, Student Art Commission, Visual Tourettes Collective.

The local paper The Sentinel has already run a story covering the festival (click here) and on Friday Andy Branscombe of AirSpace Gallery was interviewed about the Littlewhitehead piece at the University: (Video HERE/Article HERE!)

Other Coverage:

BT Tower

What do you think? Please leave your comments…

Report Planning

This week I went into the offices on Thursday only and Helga was away on the Metapod Fast Forward residential. My first task was to write a blog for the Fierce Earth site about this detailing the exciting speakers planned.

I then used the time in the office to plan my report which will be part of my assessment for the placement module. Looking online I found a little bit of advice on how to write an academic report from here.

So this is how it looks so far:

1. Cover
2. Title Page
3. Acknowledgements
4. Contents
5. Executive Summary
6. Aims and Objectives
a. Placement Brief, My Aims and Objectives
b. Brief History of Fierce Earth
c. Organisational Structure
d. Inter-company Structure
e. Products and Services
f. Customers and Clients
g. Current Context
h. Placement Period
i. Given Tasks
7. Literature Review: Source Material, key theories, reading etc.
8. Methodologies: Data Collection etc
9. Portfolio: Look at Product/Services Data collected
10. Analysis of findings
11. Conclusions
12. Recommendations
13. References

What do you think? Is there an easier way to plan my report?

I have a meeting with my tutor arranged on Tuesday, so I will probably have another go at planning and will start to write sections – any feedback you have to offer is appreciated…on any postings!