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A New Age – 28th Feb – 7th March 09


Featuring new work by:

Linda Birmingham, Barry Felton, Richard Hepenstal, Jill Impey, Matthew Mcafferty, Sarah Morgan, Andrew Nash, John Newton, Stephan Oates, Chris Parkes, Laura Slack, Russell Willett, Cal Woolley

February 27th – March 7th 2009 I Opening Reception Friday February 27th, 6-9pm | AirSpace Gallery 4 Broad Street Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire UK ST1 4HL Open Tues – Sat 10am – 5pm

The term A New Age is often used to describe a change or transition from the old to the new; it could describe recognition of a new way of thinking or behaving. It talks of being able to address particular aspects of the present, which are more important or salient than they possibly would, or could, have been in the past.

It is often used to describe a currency of ideas related to a particular subject matter and so for these artists the exhibition is about questioning their own practice and how it can be seen as being important to us now, at this point in time.

How new is now?

Architectural, industrial and commercial subjects and materials feature heavily in this exhibition, from neon lights and girders. An electric drill is offered up as an ironic take on wind power and the local maternity units rebuild is represented through paintings of its predecessors demise.

Somewhat oppositionally to this subject, the eclipse of the moon is shown accompanied by the everyday conversations of the people observing it as well as taxidermy animals displaced even more from their natural surroundings. One piece allows us to look at a bird feeder in the same way we would scrutinise the birds that would feed from it, here the food is observed as natural history.

Celebrity culture also finds a presence. An awkward attempt to show the finesse of Michael Jackson’s dancing skills through a clumsy puppet can be seen whilst a daytime American TV film is reedited so that the inane conversations take on new separate lives.

The artists are all currently on the MA Fine Art course at Staffordshire University

AirSpace Gallery’s next exhibition will be TRYING TO COPE WITH THINGS THAT AREN’T HUMAN (PART ONE) curated by Ian Brown


The One Million Project

Mark Brereton, a photographer based in Stoke-on-Trent has recently launched a project set to make money for Cancer Research UK.

A very simple but inspiring project…he hopes to raise £1million for the charity by selling a photographic print 1 million times!

To find out more and get your print go to Mark’s dedicated page here.

Look what I’ve just found!

After incorrectly spelling my own URL (Oops!) I was really surprised at what Google threw up!

Apparently I was featured in a blogging feature on BBC – Stoke and Staffordshire in the Community features in November, Staffordshire Blogging by Tommy Hill.

I’m featured alongside ‘Good Food Shops’, ‘Bacon, Cheese and Oatcakes’, Sir Findo Gask, Moriarty the Mundane, Caroline Kay, Barry Stamp, Stoke Sounds, Darkkat, Tell Me a Story, and A Foreigner in Stoke.

Some interesting blogging going on and I’m very surprised to see that I was featured! Today BBC Stoke and Staffordshire tomorrow the World 🙂

Placement Presentation

Last night at 7pm was my presentation for the placement module of my MA (the reason why I have been blogging!). I thought I’d share the presentation and the content with you here, feel free to leave comments or suggestions on how you prepare for presentations, and combat those nerves!

View this document on Scribd
View this document on Scribd

Fierce win a Creative City Award!

On Saturday 29th November I attended the Creative City Awards with the lovely (sexy and good looking) Fierce gang! The awards were held at the ICC and started with a drinks reception from 7.30pm.

I was really excited as it was my first night out with the gang and my first awards ceremony to which Fierce Earth were shortlisted for two; Outstanding Market Development and Creative Industries Award. Fierce won the Outstanding Market Development Award for MyFierceFestival!

Here is Helga’s acceptance speech (I got a special mention!) from Pete Ashton:

And here is me with the Award courtesy of Sindy’s camera:


I will upload the group one once we have them!