These are my stated my set of aims and the rationale for my placement as presented to my tutor and Helga:



To work within and alongside an experienced and successful production company with the West Midlands region. The placement will develop my network of individuals and organisations with the creative sector to enable further development of professional relationships. To observe and participate in the day to day running of projects within the period of my placement, improving my project management skills.


  1. To develop network of individuals and organisations within the sector
  2. To establish strong professional relationships with the host organisation and those directly or indirectly linked.
  3. To observe and effectively participate in day to day running of projects at the time of my placement.
  4. To improve project management and programme development skills.

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  1. Matt Hubbard on


    Well done this is a fantastic idea!! I graduated from Staffs in 04 and stayed to run Reels with another two guys Phil who is originally from Oxford and Joe who is a Stoke lad. There is so much talent in Stoke but we just don’t shout about it, or just don’t know how to! When we started there was Creative Network a government funded organisation for all creative industries. They run events and brought creative’s together socially. It was free however do you feel that there is any potential to forming some sort of physical network that has events?


  2. gemmathomas on

    Hi Matt,

    Great to hear from you, I love it when people who are as passionate as me get in touch!

    I’m involved with Creative Republic an organisation who do those things you have talked about, but for the West Midlands. I personally have been working to promote it in the city and have had some success in people signing up but now we are looking to move forward with events etc.

    Maybe we could talk about if you would like to get involved? Let me know…there are a couple of others who have got in touch! Strength in numbers!

    Speak to you soon and thanks for commenting!


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