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Look what I’ve just found!

After incorrectly spelling my own URL (Oops!) I was really surprised at what Google threw up!

Apparently I was featured in a blogging feature on BBC – Stoke and Staffordshire in the Community features in November, Staffordshire Blogging by Tommy Hill.

I’m featured alongside ‘Good Food Shops’, ‘Bacon, Cheese and Oatcakes’, Sir Findo Gask, Moriarty the Mundane, Caroline Kay, Barry Stamp, Stoke Sounds, Darkkat, Tell Me a Story, and A Foreigner in Stoke.

Some interesting blogging going on and I’m very surprised to see that I was featured! Today BBC Stoke and Staffordshire tomorrow the World 🙂


Blogging for Conjunction 08

Following my visit to AirSpace on Friday I noticed that their blog section was looking a bit bare and it fits with my other commitments that I should blog for Conjunction08. I have made two postings this week: ‘Littlewhitehead and the Good Samaritans’ and ‘Artist Talk: Alex Frost’.

I’ll be going along to the Panel Discussion on Saturday 22nd November, 12pm till 4pm with invited artists and curators talking about the theme of FANTASTIC, FOUND and FAKE! All are welcome and it should be interesting and I might see you there!

I’m really interested to know what you think so please comment…and any thing you’d like to see more of let me know!