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Happy 2009!

Just a quick post to wish all those who know and have supported me so far with my placement and MA a Happy New Year!

Thanks for those of you who visit and take an interest in the exciting work that Fierce and Creative Republic are involved with and long may it continue!

Happy 2009, here’s hoping it is a good one! 🙂


Placement Presentation

Last night at 7pm was my presentation for the placement module of my MA (the reason why I have been blogging!). I thought I’d share the presentation and the content with you here, feel free to leave comments or suggestions on how you prepare for presentations, and combat those nerves!

View this document on Scribd
View this document on Scribd

Fierce win a Creative City Award!

On Saturday 29th November I attended the Creative City Awards with the lovely (sexy and good looking) Fierce gang! The awards were held at the ICC and started with a drinks reception from 7.30pm.

I was really excited as it was my first night out with the gang and my first awards ceremony to which Fierce Earth were shortlisted for two; Outstanding Market Development and Creative Industries Award. Fierce won the Outstanding Market Development Award for MyFierceFestival!

Here is Helga’s acceptance speech (I got a special mention!) from Pete Ashton:

And here is me with the Award courtesy of Sindy’s camera:


I will upload the group one once we have them!

Vote Helga Brummie of the Year!


You all know I am on placement with Fierce at the moment…and the lovely, inspirational and passionate Helga has been nominated as Brummie of the Year on Birmingham: It’s Not Shit.

Please show your support and VOTE HELGA!!!

You’ve got until the 3rd!

Report Planning

This week I went into the offices on Thursday only and Helga was away on the Metapod Fast Forward residential. My first task was to write a blog for the Fierce Earth site about this detailing the exciting speakers planned.

I then used the time in the office to plan my report which will be part of my assessment for the placement module. Looking online I found a little bit of advice on how to write an academic report from here.

So this is how it looks so far:

1. Cover
2. Title Page
3. Acknowledgements
4. Contents
5. Executive Summary
6. Aims and Objectives
a. Placement Brief, My Aims and Objectives
b. Brief History of Fierce Earth
c. Organisational Structure
d. Inter-company Structure
e. Products and Services
f. Customers and Clients
g. Current Context
h. Placement Period
i. Given Tasks
7. Literature Review: Source Material, key theories, reading etc.
8. Methodologies: Data Collection etc
9. Portfolio: Look at Product/Services Data collected
10. Analysis of findings
11. Conclusions
12. Recommendations
13. References

What do you think? Is there an easier way to plan my report?

I have a meeting with my tutor arranged on Tuesday, so I will probably have another go at planning and will start to write sections – any feedback you have to offer is appreciated…on any postings!