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Thursday 30th October 2008

My first task for Thursday was to blog about the 079 Exhibition in Wolverhampton supported by Creative Republic for the Fierce Earth blog. The 079 Exhibition featured artists from the Something Foundation and one of them being Dean Melbourne. (An ex-Metapod Participant and I met at a Creative Republic meeting amongst others).

By the way if you haven’t taken a peak at Dean’s blog ‘From Perfume to Birdsong’ you MUST take a peak…I got lost in it one afternoon whilst I was supposed to be working. His drawings are captivating and so are the insights into his creativity and introductions to his creative friends. In fact, go now!

Exhibition date: 1st – 14th Nov 2008
04 Lichfield Passage, Wolverhampton WV1 1DZ

To follow I was working with Kevin and the North East Project and he required me to write an Executive Summary to the Branding Focus Groups held in August.

He also asked I put together a blog post on Luke Jerram’s ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ now in Sao Paolo but previously commissioned as part of and launch of this years Fierce! Festival.

‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ sees pianos delivered to the streets of Birmingham and now Sao Paolo:, for the public to use and take ownership. Each piano creating its own narrative and shared experience, these were then uploaded on the sites where the world can see these interconnected stories and lives.

I was also given some research to do for a act called Reverend Billy, so before the end of the day I spent watched a couple of forwarded YouTube clips…here for your enjoyment:


Creative City Awards

Helga is back from her Clore fortnight and holiday in America, it has been around five weeks since we were both in the office at the same time!

Last time at the office Simon and I discussed the possibility of helping Kevin with the North East project on one of my Fierce days and that he was going to run it past Helga. This seems to be going ahead which is great news. “The North East Project” as I keep referring is a NEW Live Art and Performance festival (biennial) which will launch in 2009 in the North East.

Ilana Mitchell is the project manager in the North East and stakeholders, venue partners etc are all seemingly in place (from what I know). There is already a proposed programme and audience development strategy in place, consultation over the name of the company/festival have all been executed and from what I can tell…successfully. So I am thrilled and excited about being a little more involved with the project as Live Art is my personal interest. Kevin gave me a little bit of reading to do surrounding the project, which I managed to shoehorn in on my train journeys.

Anyway, my main focus for this week was the nomination forms for the Birmingham Creative City Awards 2008. Putting together the information to be included as support documents: background information, press cuttings, figures, feedback received, etc. All for the Deadline of the 24th October. (That Friday)

I managed to pull all the information together and answer the questions requested by Friday afternoon giving Helga and Mark the opportunity to edit and send on to Birmingham City Council. Fierce Earth has applied for two awards: Creative Industries Award and Outstanding Market Development Award for My Fierce Festival (WIKIFEST) on the ground-breaking concept, where the public could “curate your own festival”; the received international and national press the visitor stats and votes cast were massive for an online project such as this. There marketing strategy was highly focused on there target audience, focusing on social media and viral marketing through blogs etc, and was highly effective. Visitors to the site were from 82 countries, casting something in the region of 21,000 votes (I am trying to remember these from memory so please take this into consideration). Here are a couple of sources to take a look at:

The Guardian
Radio 4, Today Programme
• My Fierce Festival Performances on YouTube:

Created in Birmingham
“Play Me, I’m Yours” by Luke Jerram

The next step is short-listing and presentations and the event takes place on the 29th November and we’ll be going along, so fingers crossed!

Back in the Saddle

Following my holiday I was back in the Fierce Offices on Thursday and Friday last week, Helga is on holiday until 20th, Kevin was away and Simon was ill.

Before I went in Helga had sent me ideas for the Fierce Earth blogFierce Encounters at the Biennial.

I am also planning and researching more seriously for my upcoming assignments. I have been researching business modelling theories and methodologies and then trying to apply these to what I know about Fierce. I found a couple of online business links:

I do have more stuff and I promise to list it all when I have finished in a resources section…

Once completed the blog, I began to make sure I had all the documents possible for Fierce Earth and Fierce! Festival ready for my evaluation of there business and my experiences within it.

I also looked at what I may need to complete my evaluation of the company. One idea I had is to develop a questionnaire for present employees and past and present clients of Fierce to get a picture of how others view Fierce.

I’d began my presentation a while back when assessment was a distant thought but I needed to plan some content. This is how far I got:

1. Cover
2. Aims
3. Rationale
4. Fierce Background
5. Fierce Earth Ltd: Mission Statement
6. FE: Company Structure
7. FE: Products and Services: Events and Project Management; Training and Development; Consultancy.
8. Some Consultancy Clients
9. General Customers and Clients
10. Fierce! Festival Ltd: Mission Statement
11. F!F Projects
12. F!F Funders
13. My Placement Experience: Events; Content; Networking.
14. Outcomes
15. FE: SWOT
16. Recommendations
17. Thankyou – Questions

Does anyone have any suggestions on anything else I would need to add, this is a draft plan…any suggested business models or examples of industry best practice? Just let me know below…

The presentation is to be no longer than 30 minutes and comprises 20% of my mark.

20% is on oral examination
50% 7,500 word report

These will all be submitted at the same time.

I now need to identify other examples of best practice, management methodologies that I can apply to Fierce, and feedback from my peers.

The great news is that I will be staying on for my next module with Fierce which is Production.

Friday 1st August

I began the day by trying to compile a chronological list of all the events and projects Fierce Earth have been involved with since the very beginning in 97/98. I thought it would be a good idea for people to be able to see the length and breadth of their work over the past ten or so years! But it sounds a lot simpler than it actually is!

There seems to be an interest in what Fierce do behind the scenes and between the annual festival as Chris Unitt featured my first post on Created in Birmingham. I had a spike of visitors all around that time and again yesterday when he mentioned me and announced that Fierce are blogging!

I did a little work on the Fierce! 08 report and then moved on to the Metapod site, calling those past participants we emailed last week for their reply.

We had a response from Michael Hale a photographer who sent over an amazing B&W photo of his of Amy Winehouse (I’ll let you know when the site is live – it is really worth a look!). The lady from PoGo Jewellery sent over images of her work and so did a couple of other past participants. I only managed to speak to a couple of people, but I left messages for them to return my call or the email…

I started then to put together the information to go on the live site and forwarded all these to Helga for review.

Simon and I left a little early too, so I managed to just about catch the earlier train which was a nice change and very welcome as I had a long day ahead of me on Sat…taking Creative Republic to Stoke Sounds – I’ll update you on my progress asap!

Thursday 31st July: Mark out of a Hundred..?

On arrival Mark hoped I would go down to London to drop off some paper work that had to be there in hardcopy by 5pm that day, but unfortunately I couldn’t go as my tutor was visiting the office for a catch up with Helga and me…

First thing first, I asked Helga for the Fierce Earth blog details as last week she mentioned that she wanted me to look at that. I fixed something she wanted doing first on there and suggested we have a team page. I began to draft until Kate, my tutor arrived.

I gave her some documents and some press cuttings to look through before the meeting could get going. I spoke with Kate about my plans for the next module of production.

We got started with the meeting and it was nice to discuss openly how my placement was going, was it as I expected, anything that had surprised me etc etc…I found it really useful to reflect in the form of a discussion the last month as so far I have completed around 160 hours out of 400, which will take me to around October time.

At the end Kate asked Helga to rate me out of 100…that was a little weird! I think both Helga and I were as shocked as one another, but Helga awarded me 87 and she said the gap was in knowledge and not ability at the moment! Which I was quite pleased with, and gave another step to build on and improve.

Today was Andrew’s last day as a full-time worker and he is taking annual leave now until September, so we went out for lunch at the Lord Cliffden, which has recently been refurbished as an Urban Art Bar. It was really nicely done, combining traditional pub style with a contemporary twist – thumbs up from us!

We got back to the office and I continued with the Fierce Earth blog, posting two items as requested by Helga one about Tindal Street Press and another was an opportunity for a producer with The Other Way Works. It will act as a sort of notice board for those who have an interest in the work Fierce do…