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Placement Update

Over the past couple of weeks I have worked on a number of blog posts for the Fierce Earth blog, worked on general documents for Fierce and helped Simon with the Fierce Christmas Card…something worth getting excited about!

On Tuesday was the Fierce Christmas Dinner at the Red Lion in Hockley (one of Helga’s favourite new pubs) it was loooovely! Food was great, company even better with bonus of Secret Santa and paper hats! Now I’m feeling suitably festive!

I have been working on my presentation which is looming…7pm on Monday 15th, and since I scrapped my original I have now started all over again with the focus on “what I have learned, what I want to learn now” and so on…

This is when I thank my blog so I can refer to all those things which I have done and become self-reflective, in a practical way!

What do you think I have learned? I have achieved my learning outcomes?

As you can see this is still work in progress…help!


Vote Helga Brummie of the Year!


You all know I am on placement with Fierce at the moment…and the lovely, inspirational and passionate Helga has been nominated as Brummie of the Year on Birmingham: It’s Not Shit.

Please show your support and VOTE HELGA!!!

You’ve got until the 3rd!


To begin I put together a couple of slides and made a simpler copy of a document for Helga and Mark to discuss before their afternoon meeting. This took most of the morning and some of the afternoon.

Once they had left I began to call those venues confirmed for Reverend Billy to ascertain what types of spaces were planned for his performances. I spoke to a couple of people but not those who really knew anything so it will be something to pick up on again.

Helga called whilst she was out to ask me to arrange a courier – Network Logistics (other couriers are available) to pick up the Creative Republic banners etc from ICE in Coventry.

Simon came into the office at 3 and began to brief me on the Sandwell Conference on the 7th November at the public. The running order, PowerPoint, slides needed, etc. Barbara Nice will be presenting and I very excited to see her in action!

I found this on YouTube – I have no idea what it says…my PC I’m on hasn’t any sound!

Afterwards, we (Helga, Simon, Mark and I) went to the new Urban Art Barthe Red Lion for a Halloween drink and I met Simon, Helga’s husband for the first time.

Back in the Saddle

Following my holiday I was back in the Fierce Offices on Thursday and Friday last week, Helga is on holiday until 20th, Kevin was away and Simon was ill.

Before I went in Helga had sent me ideas for the Fierce Earth blogFierce Encounters at the Biennial.

I am also planning and researching more seriously for my upcoming assignments. I have been researching business modelling theories and methodologies and then trying to apply these to what I know about Fierce. I found a couple of online business links:

I do have more stuff and I promise to list it all when I have finished in a resources section…

Once completed the blog, I began to make sure I had all the documents possible for Fierce Earth and Fierce! Festival ready for my evaluation of there business and my experiences within it.

I also looked at what I may need to complete my evaluation of the company. One idea I had is to develop a questionnaire for present employees and past and present clients of Fierce to get a picture of how others view Fierce.

I’d began my presentation a while back when assessment was a distant thought but I needed to plan some content. This is how far I got:

1. Cover
2. Aims
3. Rationale
4. Fierce Background
5. Fierce Earth Ltd: Mission Statement
6. FE: Company Structure
7. FE: Products and Services: Events and Project Management; Training and Development; Consultancy.
8. Some Consultancy Clients
9. General Customers and Clients
10. Fierce! Festival Ltd: Mission Statement
11. F!F Projects
12. F!F Funders
13. My Placement Experience: Events; Content; Networking.
14. Outcomes
15. FE: SWOT
16. Recommendations
17. Thankyou – Questions

Does anyone have any suggestions on anything else I would need to add, this is a draft plan…any suggested business models or examples of industry best practice? Just let me know below…

The presentation is to be no longer than 30 minutes and comprises 20% of my mark.

20% is on oral examination
50% 7,500 word report

These will all be submitted at the same time.

I now need to identify other examples of best practice, management methodologies that I can apply to Fierce, and feedback from my peers.

The great news is that I will be staying on for my next module with Fierce which is Production.

Catch Up: 4th and 5th Sept

Although it has not been that long since the last post it is a little bit of time I talked about what I have been up to with my placement.

It has been quite varied…on Thursday 4th September I went along with Helga to a meeting at the Arts Council West Midlands as part of the Street and Circus Art consultancy for Arts Council England, which will result in a series of road shows and was really interesting to be part of.

Upon our return we had the Fierce [weekly] staff meeting for which I took notes. The agenda was future movements; actions; invitations and events; updates on projects; training and consultancy; North East Live Art; Event Management and future plans.

Helga was out on Friday so I had a number of things to get on with…putting the metapod questionnaire into the larger document, and put the figures into the Metapod evaluation 07-08 and continuing with the Fierce Earth website – just a case of finding information and putting it together.